Winter Wonderland Centerpiece

Christmas is right around the corner. While most people fight tooth and nail for the new toys and electronics, I find myself scoping out all the home decorative stores. I live in a community with alot of stay at home moms, so I have to rush this time of year to get ornaments, mercury glass trees, and sprayers. Last year I waited til Decemember to decorate, which meant there was nothing but scrapes and broken ornaments. This is such a beautiful do it yourself decorative piece that is easy to make, and costs only $50 (not including the three bottles of wine you will have to consume). It will add a touch of chic to any home and can be displayed on a mantle or as a centerpiece.


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Everything I use to make this winter white wine botle centerpiece can be purchased from Michaels. Almost eveything is interchangable from votive candle holders to the color you spray your bottles, so be as creative as you want.

Take 3 wine bottles in different shapes and clean off all of the stickers.

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Spray paint each bottle with 2 coats of white glossy spray paint. I recommend using a fast drying spray paint. Let it dry for 45 minutes.

You will need a bag of snow and Modge Podge glue.

Apply the Modge Podge glue with a sponge from bottom to top, in an ombre effect. You want the snow to go from full at the bottom to sparse at the top.

The next items are all the decorative embellishments you will need to complete the centerpiece.

Assorted White & Silver Sprays.

This is actually an ornament I spotted while browsing through Michaels. If you can’t find this you can use beads, pearls, or beaded garland.

Assorted Silver ornaments.

Silver mercury glass tealight candle holders only $1, what a steal!

These are the arrangements I did for each bottle. Of course you can make them how ever you want. Once you have that done you just get a platter or charger and apply your snow, candles, ornaments, beads and Voila!

Ahhhhhh it is just so beautiful when it is all lit up. I must say sometimes a picture just doesn’t do its justice, because once you make this you will see how truly beautiful this looks in your home.

Who’s ready for a holiday flick and some salted caramel hot chocolate? ME!!!
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