Coloured Raine Eyeshadows Swatch & Review

I have been itching to try some new shadows. Is it just me or is the makeup industry on speed. There is a new product on the daily. I can’t keep up lol. The other day I was at my friends house, we were playing with makeup per usual. I was sifting through her eyeshadow palettes and the Queen of Hearts Coloured Raine palette caught my eye. I went on their site and saw that they sold single pressed shadows. Working at Sephora for so long, I am a try before I buy kind of girl. I hate the risk. What if its complete shit?  I haven’t heard much about there single shadows at all, so I decided to try these out and take one for the team. They have 3 formulas: matte, satin, and shimmer. They’re a few shadows that I labeled satin/shimmer because the finish has a pinch of both. Each single eyeshadow sells for $6.99.  Now there are a few colors that I just dont care for, but that has nothing to do with the quality thats just personal preference. Overall I really was impressed, but there were a few that just did not blow me away. Keep on reading and I’m gonna go through all the colors with you.

Colors are listed from top to bottom on the light skin tone (arm on the right). The pigmentation of Fetish and Chameleon were not mind blowing. Which surprised me because alot of their shimmers are very creamy and pigmented. I also did not love Black Moon. Keep in mind I am extremly picky when it comes to black shadow. I am looking for a highly pigmented black that is very bendable. So I will be sticking to my Urban Decay Blackout. Flashing Lights, Blue Magic, Clutch Pearls and Forbidden are a 10 for me. They are consistent, creamy and highly pigmented.

Chameleon: Iridescent Pinky Mauve Color

Flashing Lights: Creamy Shimmer that is identical to tin man

Clutch pearls: Warm nude shimmer with a pink iredescense that shines through.

ForbiddenDark turquoise shimmer

Blue Magic: Wrangler Denim blue shimmer

Fetish: Warm toned purple shimmer.

Black Moon: Soft matte black

Although I probably would not wear these colors on a daily basis, you can see they really do pop on both light and dark skin tones. I love the top two on the right arm: Bay Breeze & Side of Olives. I’m not a fan of the color, Intergalatic. Every cosmetic line makes a variation of this color, but it’s not for me. I will say the color way more on dark skin. Gumby and Majestic are not the best mattes I’ve ever tried, but we’ll see once I play with them a little more.

Bay Breeze: Lime Green Shimmer

Side of Olives: Golden Green Shimmer

Intergalatic: Iredescent Brown with a shimmer.

Gumby:  Perfect Name! Matte Gumby color. I’m really excited to try a look with this color.

Majestic: Matte Turquiose Blue. My worst nightmare lol

Malibu: Light Blue Shimmer with a hint of turquoise.

Unexpected: Hunters Green shimmer, the shimmer flecks in this color are gorgeous.

Hallelujah! Yessss honey give me my warm tones. Bright colors look incredible on darker skined woman, but neutrals can be tricky. They can easily look ashy or just not pop on their skin tone. Smores and Cinnamon Lust are not my favorite colors they’re just a little blah for me. I like a shimmer that blinds me. As far for the other colors, I love them.

Angel Face: Soft Peach Matte, very similiar to Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie

Smores: Medium toned brown shimmer

Gingerbread: Warm caramel brown matte

Cinnamon Lust: Satin/ Shimmersimilar to gingerbread with a pink undertone.

Who me?: Dark champagne pink shimmer, with a soft brown undertone.

Hot Cocoa: Medium Warm Matte Brown

Native: Matte Red Brown

Chocolate: Matte Dark Brown

The first three colors are very similar. If you have dark skin you don’t need all of these: St. Germain Cocktail is my favorite of the three. Its more of a true champagne white gold. Champagne life has a yellow undertone. Glisten is a less pigmented satin/shimmer version of this color. Flashy is a really fun color too! It is a golden champagne with a lime green shimmer. So fun! I can’t wait to try a look with this.

Glisten: Satin/ Shimmer white champagne 

Champagne Life: White Champagne shimmer

St. Germain Cocktail White gold shimmer that is very similar, less yellow more gold undertone

Pumpkin Pie: Orange shimmer.

Superstar: Yellow gold shimmer

Flashy: White gold shimmer with a lime green iridescence

Golden Olive: Bronze simmer with a green undertone.

There are three colors in these swatches that just scream my name and they are Glamour, Vintage, Moments, and Downtown. i could do without the rest, but if you love those colors try them out. The only color I really didn’t like was Birthday Suit.

Birthday Suit: Satin nude

Shortcake: Salmon satin/shimmer

Happy Daze: Light coral shimmer with pink iridescense

Glamour: Warm silver with a hint of a golden undertone.

Vintage: Satin medium red brown

Moments: Matte Red brown with a pink undertone, similair to Native.

Downtown: Copper Shimmer

Secrets: Satin/shimmer cool toned brown with pink and purple shimmer in it.These are my personal favorites. I can not wait to play with these more and create some fun looks! If there any products you would like my to review and/or swatch leave a comment below.

xoxo Jackie



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