Coloured Raine Eyeshadows Swatch & Review

I have been itching to try some new shadows. Is it just me or is the makeup industry on speed. There is a new product on the daily. I can’t keep up lol. The other day I was at my friends house, we were playing with makeup per usual. I was sifting through her eyeshadow palettes and the Queen of Hearts Coloured Raine palette caught my eye. I went on their site and saw that they sold single pressed shadows. Working at Sephora for so long, I am a try before I buy kind of girl. I hate the risk. What if its complete shit?  I haven’t heard much about there single shadows at all, so I decided to try these out and take one for the team. They have 3 formulas: matte, satin, and shimmer. They’re a few shadows that I labeled satin/shimmer because the finish has a pinch of both. Each single eyeshadow sells for $6.99.  Now there are a few colors that I just dont care for, but that has nothing to do with the quality thats just personal preference. Overall I really was impressed, but there were a few that just did not blow me away. Keep on reading and I’m gonna go through all the colors with you.


My Ultimate Workout Playlist


Listen, I only know of two ways to get your dream body – diet and exercise or learn how to Photoshop. I dont know about you but I want to look good naked. It’s been about 10 years that I’ve been trying to achieve this goal. But this time feels different. Something was holding me back. Something inside kept allowing me to make excuses here and there. I’m not saying that I am fat or even an unhealthy person. I’m quite healthy and just a little overweight truly. I would always say to myself, ” I’m either working out or eating healthy, because I shouldnt have to do both. That’s not fair.” Total bullshit! That’s the excuse I told myself for years. So now I’m gonna put it to the test. I’m sure I’m not the only person who is sick of saying ” one day, I’ll …” So buckle up, because this ride could get bumpy. If you follow me on snapchat (jack-aholic) you already know. I hope that I can inspire you to get up and grab life by the balls, because if you don’t someone else will.


Ride or Die Foundations for Oily Skin

This is my first “official” post here and I’m truly so excited! You can expect my blogs to be personal, as well as talking about beauty, fitness, and lifestyle topics. We all are just trying to figure out what the hell works! So welcome, and thank you for following me on my new journey. This blog is going to be fun and random, but thats me and I make no apologizes for it. I’m not trying to be like anyone else but me.

Enjoy Ladies xoxo Jackie


Holiday Makeup Tutorial

It that time of year when everyone is hustling and bustling for gifts and baking warm goodies. So why not look fab as you get your holiday cheer on. This tutorial is one of my favorites ones yet.

I just want to remind all of you ladies that I will be at the Florida Signature Bridal Beauty Show on January 18th at the Hilton hotel so make sure to come by and get your complimentary makeup or tan!

Winter Wonderland Centerpiece

Christmas is right around the corner. While most people fight tooth and nail for the new toys and electronics, I find myself scoping out all the home decorative stores. I live in a community with alot of stay at home moms, so I have to rush this time of year to get ornaments, mercury glass trees, and sprayers. Last year I waited til Decemember to decorate, which meant there was nothing but scrapes and broken ornaments. This is such a beautiful do it yourself decorative piece that is easy to make, and costs only $50 (not including the three bottles of wine you will have to consume). It will add a touch of chic to any home and can be displayed on a mantle or as a centerpiece.


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New Orleans Wedding of the Year

10539126_812232058828390_692245133143327894_oThis year I got a chance to travel to New Orleans for the wedding of Jessica and Andy Flore’s Wedding. The day with filled with 8 Bridesmaids, a Bride, a Makeup Artist, laughter and tears of joy. Jessica was the most humble and sweet Bride she wanted to just look simply gorgeous. I know this is a day she will never forget and I am honored that I got to share my gift with the enitre wedding party and help her dreams come true. I am a Tampa Makeup Artist, that will travel to any destination to make you look Beautiful.

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Jessica and Andy shut down Bourbon Street with all of their wedding guests marching to a new Orleans Jazz Band. Can I get married again.

Halloween Makeup 2014

Fall is finally here, it is one of my favorite seasons. It’s that time of year when the leaves change, pumpkin galore begins, and we get to dress up for Halloween. It’s one of my favorite times as a Makeup Artist. This year Jackie Riley Makeup had the pleasure of creating some Native Americans makeup looks.